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        I left the best business on the planet. Then, when I came to my senses, I realized my mistake and came back home.  Since I came back it has been astonishing how many other people have taken the same detour.  And they're coming back in droves!

        This is happening because after trying almost everything else, we have come to realize that SFI is the best of the best--a free business that has made many people virtual millionaires.  And this company will be here for the long haul because it has a history(17 years) of dealing with integrity.

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        I invite you to check out a Keyword tool that can give your marketing a tremendous advantage. The price is very affordable and its been called by reviewers the best SEO guide available anywhere. This software provides an easy way to discover which keywords your competitor is bidding on. All you do is type the competitor’s url and it’ll find the keywords they are purchasing on AdWords.

        Here are some of the advantages of this tool:
  1. Find which keywords seem to be popular in your niche.
  2. Suggested keywords, phrases, terms you can integrate into your content.
  3. Shows which listings in Google are providing competitors unpaid traffic.
  4. Lists top ranking sites competing for the given keywords.
  5. Shows you how much a click on a keyword is worth in Google Adwords.
  6. Illustrates how competitive a term is (in Adwords by number of competition).
  7. How many times a keyword or phrase is typed into Google.
  8. With a cool firefox plugin export research data to usual formats.


        Once upon a time, not so very long ago, an enterprising person who desired to progress in life, entered a well known store that sold high quality products. Immediately, he went directly to the owner and said, "Sir, I'm very impressed with your emporium and I would like to pursue a career being your business partner. I assure you I will work hard and produce good results. In exchange, all I ask is for the following:
  1. First, I want to purchase my products at a discount.
  2. Second, I want to receive monthly commissions from all clients referred by me.
  3. Third, for all the customers that I bring, I want a significant percentage of their gross purchases.
  4. I want you to handle all orders, deliveries and keep inventory. I will leave all of that up to you.
  5. When my production is good, I expect recognition, compensation and bonuses.
  6. I want to work at my own pace, leisure and when it's convenient for me.
  7. Last, I want you to know that my family will always come first!


        "OK... I think that's about it. When do you want me to start?"
        After the owner recovered from shock, he burst out laughing and said, "You are not serious! You are living in a dream world! You will never find an opportunity like that....not here. Not anywhere!"

        The owner was very wrong. I found that opportunity and I would like to share it with you.....just CLICK HERE (opens on a new page)

        I belong to a team of Online Marketing Entrepreneurs who have affiliated with a 16 year old company that promotes and markets exclusive, outstanding, cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive consumer products.

        Everything about the hero of this story is completely true. We set our own hours. We are paid handsomely for our efforts, and we are not required to keep a stock of products or handle deliveries. There is very minimal amount of paperwork, and if we wish to take the day off to spend with our families, we can.


  1. Company management experience with integrity.
  2. Optimum timing in Company and in industry.
  3. Products that are remarkable.
  4. Fair Compensation plan.
  5. System that duplicates to the masses.

* Mentoring for Free by Michael Dlouhy

        SFI has all of these characteristics in Aces! And there's more. The company's policies and procedures are designed to protect the affiliates. The compensation plan is designed to maximize profits for the affiliates. And a training and support system incomparable to any I've ever seen .... ie. the 7 minute movie and the DVDs of testimonials. And because of our amazing lead-generation system, the team that I returned to is the largest and fastest growing team in the entire company organization.

        It is said that the sign of a highly successful person is the ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time, and still be able to function. In this light a person might perceive that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise. This seeming paradox is germane to the business of affiliate marketing, especially here at SFI. A situation might have it's inconveniences but the achiever of dreams will maintain courage enough to set goals and commit his efforts toward excellence. He will evaluate adversity as a challenge and then apply his values of persistence, integrity and dedication. On a daily basis he will demand of himself the drive to perform each required task from start to finish. He will disregard the negative influence of fear and strive to work toward the attainment of the established goal.

        The Golden Key of this business is in the training. If you were offered a million dollars and all you had to do was to get in the ring with the world heavyweight boxing champ and stay on your feet for the whole round, what would you do? Rule number one is you can't run away. How long would you last: 10 seconds, 20, 30? Let's face it, many would not last the whole round. Likewise, in online marketing there are many who are down for the count. How do you stay on your feet? The key is training and at SFI there are resources that will show you how to be a contender.

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My Contact Info:

Alan Findly
Email me here:
ajfindly AT gmail DOT com

Ronan, Montana USA


htw Train To Where?
        Would you walk a plank for money? Let's say the plank is on the ground and 20 feet long. If someone placed a ten dollar bill at one end, it would be a simple task to walk it, but what if the plank were atop and spanning two twenty story buildings? Most people would not walk such a plank even for a thousand dollar bill. The fear of falling can be paralysing.

The Great tight-rope-walker, Karl Wallenda was someone who would have walked the plank--even for no money at all! In case that name is unfamiliar, he was a high-wire walker who performed in circuses and atop tall buildings--without a safety net. When interviewed, Wallenda claimed that he never even thought about falling. He had learned to focus on the prize, the accomplishment, rather than the fear of falling.

        So if we want to succeed in business and be a winner, we have to do what winners do: they focus on the desire of attainment and not on the fear of losing. This is the kind of mind control that is possible if we just work at it. Success rules say to do something every day toward building the business--focus on the goal and if you're persistent and consistent, the prize can be yours.

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        Treat this as a business. This is one of the proven SFI guidlines, but how would this compare to a brick and mortar business? Well, if you wanted to purchase a franchise you would have to spend thousands of dollars in ready cash. For example, let's consider MacD*n*ld's(I've cited this in other newsletters, but I have learned that there is a plethora of things about it most people don't know). The start-up cost of a typical MacD*n*ld's franchise, building(lease or own), and equipment is 250K-USD. In addition, and most people don't realize this, either, but there are rules of operation--very strict guidelines, specifying everything from building design, materials, colors, floor-plan, kitchen equipment, parking lot arrangement and traffic controls--oh, and there are many more rules/guidelines that must be followed to the letter under the strictest of sanctions(the main sanction for non-compliance or variance includes fines or even the loss of franchise). Of course, the main article of franchise is you must buy all supplies and food from MacD*n*ld's Corporation. "Does that include ALL supplies?", you may ask. No, it does not include paper clips. These can be purchased locally!!

        Bottom line, ladies and gentlemen: two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a major commitment. And so, don't you think the owner of a typical MacD*n*ld's would show an eager and earnest desire to treat it like a business? Of course all this is moot if you don't have that kind of cash on hand. Enter SFI: zero required expenditure.

        And with the SFI guidelines, there are no strict sanctions for non-compliance. I will leave you , here, with the final note that "reality is hard to face and twice as hard to accept"(to quote my favorite mentor). And the reality is that if you do nothing, nothing is exactly what you will get back. But the positive is equally applicable: if you follow the SFI guidelines, you will surely realize wonderful and exciting rewards. To see more info about the guidelines and the SFI advantage, CLICK HERE


        Looking at the multitude of sign-ups in SFI and the number of inactive affiliates, who eventually drop out, the biggest challenge for those who persist becomes motivation: how to motivate their down-line and how to stay motivated themselves.

        I hate to see someone walk away before the journey has been completed. We've all heard the story of the gold miner who worked for years on a particular mine. After digging and digging and finding no pay-lode, he gave up. Years later, someone came along and found gold just three feet further.

        I frequently find myself referring people back to the original criteria for selecting a company to go with, because we all need to get back to basics, to remember why we came here in the first place and what we tell others. Therefore, there would be a short list of Key Elements, the top six:


  1. Company management experience with integrity.
  2. Optimum timing in Company and in Industry.
  3. Products that are Remarkable.
  4. Fair Compensation Plan.
  5. System that Duplicates to the Masses.
  6. A training and support system.



Air Force pilot, Col. George Hall, is an amazing example of positive thinking. His plane was shot down in Vietnam, where he and part of his outfit were captured by the Viet Cong and imprisoned in what was referred to by POW's as the Hanoi Hilton. Col. Hall spent seven years in a solitary confinement cell, the Iron Box. But he had been a professional golfer and every day he would visualize playing golf--a mental simulation whereby he would pre-play each shot. So effective was this daily rehearsal that one week after being released he entered the New Orleans Open PGA Tournament and shot a 76.

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